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Meet Mindi

A.k.a Mindimalist

I'm Mindi Fabiola, the founder of Mindimalist, a space I have created to share, inspire, and help others.


Mindimalist is the fusion of two words: my name and minimalist, a philosophy that taught me to live a more purposeful life. Minimalism is the reason why I started my Youtube channel at a moment when all I needed was to use my time and resources exclusively on what really matters. This was the result of a couple of years of deep introspection that helped me to get in touch with my purpose and my truth. During that period I came across Myers Briggs for the first time.


It was a revelation for me to understand that most of the struggles I had faced throughout my life were the same struggles as many others under the same personality type I happen to have. That made me feel more hopeful and less lonely, and I made it my goal to learn everything that there was to know about it. Eventually, when the time was right, I felt called to share it with others, together with the knowledge I have gained throughout my own journey, and working with one-on-one clients as a coach and mentor.

If you come here via my Youtube channel, you might know already that I'm an ENFP. But here is a little extra about me: I was born under the sign of Cancer, sun and rising, and Virgo moon; Enneagram 7w8, a Highly Sensitive Person, a multipotentialite (read more about what I do here), a highly creative soul.

I'm very passionate about communication, self-development, storytelling. That's why I work currently (and for the past decade) as a coach, mentor, writer, documentary storyteller, and content creator.

In my free time, you'll find me running in nature, practicing the Whim Hof method, making nutritious meals for my loved ones, working out outdoors, hosting small parties at home, if I'm not traveling for pleasure or work.

But the most important thing I want to tell you here is why I do what I do:

Every single thing I currently do and embark on, I make sure It's in line with my truth and my whys. That's why my channel and coaching practice is and will remain an honest reflection of my journey and what I feel I have to offer to others. My goal with Mindimalist is to help others live their truth as well.

My mission is to inspire and motivate others to understand themselves better and thus live a more balanced and fulfilled life. For this, I use every single tool offered on both, my channel and private sessions. I want to help others to learn something new, something they didn't know about themselves.

You can see more about my travels and lifestyle on my Instagram

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